Foreign Policy Organization Adds Name To List Of Progressive Groups Supporting Smith

June 24, 2004 - Jeff Smith announced the endorsement of Citizens for Global Solutions in his bid to succeed Dick Gephardt in Missouri's 3rd District. The endorsement confirms Smith's status as the progressive choice for Congress and adds to Smith's growing list of endorsements including that of Gov. Howard Dean.

Citizens For Global Solutions is a non-partisan organization with 17,000 members nation wide that believes there is an urgent need for solutions that transcend national borders. Global Solutions is committed to the establishment and reform of democratic global institutions and advocating for an American foreign policy that works in concert with other nations to solve international problems.

Don Kraus, Executive Director of CGS, said that Jeff "has the compassion, commitment, and candor to bring leadership to his constituents and to the U.S. House of Representatives. We wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy for Congress."

Kraus went on to say that the group supports Jeff Smith's goal of an engaged America that plays a cooperative leadership role in the world. "From our current situation in Iraq and Afghanistan to future threats and challenges, Jeff has a vision of America working with concerned groups, other nations, NATO, and the United Nations to find global and equitable solutions. He pragmatically understands the contributions that international institutions have and will continue to make in building a world safe for Americans. Where many give lip service to these goals, we believe that Jeff will work consistently to achieve them."

Smith said the group's endorsement proves once again that he is only choice for progressives concerned about the direction of U.S foreign policy. "I believe the reckless unilateral war in Iraq has caused irreparable damage to both American security and America's status abroad. Global Solutions is a group that fights for multilateral and cooperative approaches to difficult global problems and I am proud to receive their endorsement." Smith continued, "The group's decision to endorse me in this competitive primary underscores the point that progressives in the 3rd District have only one choice for Congress."

Smith's experience uniquely qualifies him to serve in a House of Representatives composed of 177 lawyers with an average age of 54. Smith, 30, has distinguished himself as an award-winning teacher of political science and public policy at Washington University and UM-St. Louis, as co-founder (with Susan Uchitelle and Sarah Smith) of The Confluence Academies, a group of acclaimed public charter schools in the City of St. Louis, and as a longtime youth basketball coach. Though this is his first run for office, Smith has been involved in several local and national Democratic campaigns, including a stint as Deputy Political Director for Bill Bradley's 2000 presidential campaign.

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Final Push
The election is next Tuesday. This is your last weekend to help Jeff. Please come out. We need people for everything from phone calls to stuffing envelopes. Please call us at 481.5333 to see how you can help.
The Buzz on Jeff

"He is the right man for the district, and a man who can make a real difference in Congress."



The 3rd Congressional District will be well served by electing Jeff Smith as it's Congressman. His youth and fresh, honest perspective will be a breath of fresh air to the Congressional chambers. I support Jeff Smith because he is a man of integrity and courage...a man who is not afraid to stand up for what is right or condemn what is wrong.

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