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Friends of Jeff Smith
4557 Gravois
St. Louis, MO 63116
phone:314.481.JEFF (481.5333)

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1401 South Hanley (Hanley at 64/40) map

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Artie Harris

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Meaghan Hunter

Emily Tobias

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Emily Fox

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Missy Luft

Final Push
The election is next Tuesday. This is your last weekend to help Jeff. Please come out. We need people for everything from phone calls to stuffing envelopes. Please call us at 481.5333 to see how you can help.
The Buzz on Jeff


--Crane Durham of KTRS 550 AM


My Mom supports Jeff because of his unwaivering commitment to education. We live in the city and Mom wants to be able to send me to public schools without worrying that I will not be receiving the best possible education. Jeff will make sure that I do. CHOOSY MOMS CHOOSE JEFF!

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