Jeff Smith Reports $181,000 On Hand And Shows Continued Momentum In Bid For 3rd District U.S. House seat

April 14th, 2004--- For the second quarter in a row, educator and St. Louis native Jeff Smith raised over $100,000 in his run to succeed Dick Gephardt as U.S. Representative for Missouri's 3rd District. In the first quarter of 2004, Smith raised over $109,000 and now has $181,000 on hand to bring his positive progressive message to 3rd District voters for the August 3rd primary.

"I am so thankful to all of the supporters who have once again shown that this race is about the power of each candidate's vision not the power of their political connections or name." Smith said. "We are motivated to bring progressive values to D.C. and ensure that our nation's future is as bright as its past," Smith added.

Smith said his campaign was gaining tremendous momentum, noting that he has received over 1000 individual donations, over 30% of which came through his website ( Smith expects to have more cash on hand after just six months ($181,000) than all but one of his opponents, Russ Carnahan, who has been raising money for 15 months.

"We've saved 90% of the cash that we have raised," said Smith. "That means we're running this campaign with same frugality that we deserve from our federal government. And when I am elected, I will work to make sure that each taxpayer's dollars are spent as judiciously as my donors' contributions."

In addition to the campaign treasury, Jeff Smith's campaign boasts the largest grassroots network of volunteers and activists. Over 275 3rd District residents have pledged to volunteer; many have already been hard at work knocking on doors introducing Jeff to voters all over the 3rd District. "Now that we know we will have the resources to compete for the nomination, I'm confident that the voters of Missouri's 3rd District will respond well to my forward looking, progressive message, Smith said."

"I believe in the American tradition that each generation ought to leave a better world for the next," said Smith. "That's why I'm running for Congress. Our President and his Congressional followers are mortgaging our children's future and crippling the next generation's ability to succeed. Most of the Washington politicians are more focused on getting re-elected than doing what's right. The people of the Third District are ready for an independent Congressman with the courage to withstand political pressure and do what's right for them and for their children," said Smith.

Smith's experience uniquely qualifies him to serve in a House of Representatives composed of 177 lawyers with an average age of 54. Smith, 30, has distinguished himself as an award-winning teacher of political science and public policy at Washington University and UM-St. Louis, as co-founder (with Susan Uchitelle and Sarah Smith) of The Confluence Academies, a group of acclaimed public charter schools in the City of St. Louis, and as a longtime youth basketball coach. Though this is his first run for office, Smith has been involved in several local and national Democratic campaigns, including a stint as Deputy Political Director for Bill Bradley's 2000 presidential campaign.

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Final Push
The election is next Tuesday. This is your last weekend to help Jeff. Please come out. We need people for everything from phone calls to stuffing envelopes. Please call us at 481.5333 to see how you can help.
The Buzz on Jeff

"He could be the sleeper."

--Jim Shrewsbury,St. Louis City Aldermanic President, from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Jeff is the only candidate in this race talking about the issues that I care about; healthcare, education, a woman's right to choose and handgun violence. He's also the only candidate with the courage to stand up for Democratic values.

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